Celebrity News
Celebrity News
How Did Some Of LA's Biggest Influencers Become The Influenced?
Con artists are either revered or despised and it’s typically dependent upon one thing — who they’ve duped.
Kiki Monique
Can The Kardashians Be Canceled?
On this planet earth, the Kardashians are about as much a given as air.
Kate Ward
Has Chris Pratt Become The Man We Hate To Love, Or Love To Hate?
Until a few years ago, liking Chris Pratt had been easy.
Kiki Monique
This New Batch Of Skinny White Boys Needs A History Lesson
Skinny white guys are having a moment and their evolution has been a fascinating one to observe. What was once considered an aesthetic reserved for band geeks or goth loners has now become an aspirational archetype.
Kiki Monique
Why Is "Parasocial" Inexorably Linked To John Mulaney?
In 2016, the long-running Taylor Swift and Kanye West feud escalated quickly.
Kate Ward
Sorry, There's No Way These 2 Humans Are Dating
Kim K dating the skinny millennial from Saturday Night Live is something I never thought I would see in my lifetime.
Olivia Truffaut-Wong
Yes, Jesse Metcalfe Is *Actually* Friends With Randall & Lala
John Tucker must die, but not before spilling all the tea about Vanderpump Rules' Lala Kent and her (former?
Olivia Truffaut-Wong
Does Chris Evans Subscribe To Peacock?
Chris Evans doesn't tweet much, but when he does it's to tells us important information, like how much of a Jim and Pam shipper he is.
Olivia Truffaut-Wong
Is Anna Marie Tendler's TikTok Fucking With Us?
John Mulaney fans might think they know Anna Marie Tendler after years of the comedian incorporating her into his act.
Kate Ward
Suddenly, Kourtney Kardashian Rules Us All
You might be under the impression that Kim Kardashian is the most powerful Kardashian of the all, but you'd be wrong.
Olivia Truffaut-Wong
Well This Is A Shock To The System
Every day I sign on to Twitter to see what fresh hell the internet has got for me.
Allison Hunt
So... What Exactly Happened Here?
Meghan King introduced followers to new boyfriend Cuffe Owens on Sept.
Kate Ward
I Can't Look Away From These Two Weirdos
"Agony and ecstasy," is not only how Machine Gun Kelly described his relationship with Megan Fox in British GQ, but how I'd describe what I experience watching the two of them perform their romance for all of us since becoming official in Nov.
Karen Fratti
You May Not Like The New John Mulaney
In the opening half-hour of John Mulaney's From Scratch comedy show, the comedian recalls an interaction with his interventionist, who told him she heard he was nice.
Kate Ward
My Jana Kramer Rant
Ok, sooooo I went on another rant.
Samantha Bush